We at Jaroar want to promote a healthy lifestyle and new adventures. Our journey started from our own passion towards health, wellbeing, and new adventures. 

We believe that everyone can enjoy their life and make small actions towards a better future. It may be taking care of yourself, your family, and your friends. Going outdoors, living a healthy life, making healthier daily choices, or choosing timeless and lasting products are all things that we support.

We love products that look great, are easy-to-use, compact, and lightweight. We also want to make sustainable choices whenever possible. We believe even small actions matter and help to do better for our planet. 

We love going outdoors — no matter if it’s backpacking, hiking, cycling, skiing, running, forest yoga, fishing, hunting or anything else. We believe that in today’s busy life, going outdoors makes us healthier and happier. It helps us to live in the moment and gain holistic wellbeing — the balance between physical and mental wellbeing combined with social aspects. Going outdoors is possible for everyone, anywhere. It can be done almost anywhere — in the nearby park or around the world, and it can be done on foot, bicycle, boat, or by other means. 

Moreover, we also love traveling. It may be for pleasure, relaxation, discovery, or for exploring new places and adventures. If you love new experiences, then we probably are on the same page.

Jaroar is a trademark owned by Optimal Factor Ltd based in Finland, Northern Europe. Stay tuned and follow us on Pinterest, Facebook and/or Instagram.