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Easy picnic food ideas – are you ready to go?

There’s still great time to enjoy sunny days and go for a picnic (surely, depending on your location). Going for a picnic is a great way to spend some time with your family or friends. However, it doesn’t need to be too hard to prepare everything for a picnic. Here are few tips to keep it easy:

  1. Picnic sandwiches

The easiest way to go for a picnic is just to crab sandwiches (or something else) from the nearest store and go. If you’re making it by yourself, there are plenty of options to choose from. Try different breads like focaccia, muffuletta and ciabatta and fill it with chicken, pork, salad, red peppers, mozzarella, salami or your favourite filling. This is an easy choice and still delicious! 

  1. Wraps and burritos

Wraps and burritos are easy to make. Fill with tomatoes, black beans, sweetcorn, avocado, red chili, chicken, beef or choose your favourites. Wrap in foil and go! 

  1. Pies

If you have more time for the preparations, how about a pie? Cute pork pie, tomato-mozzarella pie, chicken and pesto pie or maybe gorgonzola-walnuts pie? The choice is yours. 

  1. Picnic salads

Salad is definitely an easy choice. You can just buy fresh ingredients from the local store and make a large salad to share out. Or easier choice is just a takeaway -options directly from the store or a restaurant. 

  1. Picnic dessert

Some sweet treats may belong to your picnic. How about some brownies, cupcakes, or a cheesecake? You can buy it from the nearest bakery if you don’t have time or energy to do it yourself. 

  1. Picnic drinks

There are several options available directly from the store. If you have some extra time, how about some refreshing summer drink? Cranberry juice, sparkling water and some mint with ice cubes or maybe an iced mind tea? Or a cocktail of your choice? 

There are also plenty of other options if you want to keep it easy. Maybe just a pizza, sushi or Vietnamese rolls? The choice is yours – going for a picnic may be really easy. Probably it’s more demanding to agree on a time to meet…

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