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Enjoy nature with biking and hiking

Autumn is a great time for outdoors activities. When returning back to the office or school, outdoors and sports activities are a great way to relax, reduce stress and take off from the busy weekdays.

While it’s probably easier to stay at home and take it easy, it’s worth of taking some distance from every-day activities and spend some time in the nature. There are numerous hiking and biking trails available -surely, it depends a lot where you are located – but still, there are options going further from the backyard. If you’re living in a big city, you need to take more effort on going to the nature – but still, even 5 minutes a day in a park may be worth considering.

Even a small amount of fresh air or “green activity” like walking, biking or hiking improves your health – both mental and physical health. People going outdoors tended to have higher self-esteem and better mood. Physical exercise also improves to lower blood cholesterol, reduce risk of cardiovascular and other diseases and help you to manage weight. There are numerous studies also on the topic.

Going outdoors is a great way to spend some time with friends and family. So when are you going?


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