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10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Outdoorsy Friend

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When you select a gift for your outdoor enthusiast friend, consider something that is really useful and needed. Consider value for money as well as style. Going outdoors is very popular nowadays, so you probably know someone who loves hiking, backpacking, skiing, or some other outdoor activity. Here are few gift ideas that are useful for many outdoor lovers:

1. For coffee and tea lovers

Many outdoor lovers are also coffee or tea lovers also. Drinking great coffee or tea when backpacking or camping is a great experience. Your gift might be a new travel mug and some sachets of the best quality coffee or tea. Maybe it could be some new blend or new taste? Similarly, the Espresso maker or Aeropress may be an amazing gift for campers. Aeropress makes brewing the best coffee easier. Also, brewing coffee using Aeropress is as quick as making instant coffee. A beautiful coffee mug (with or without coffee or tea) is another great idea for the outdoor enthusiast. A stainless steel mug will keep their hot drink warm for hours.

2. Gift card

Are you thinking of choosing an awesome gift for your friend who is an outdoor enthusiast but he/she already has everything? An Airbnb, hotel, or favorite store gift card may be a wonderful choice. These traveling gift cards enable your friend to book their most favorite destination, as you may not know about his/her next plans. Outdoorsy people often like to try new things, so maybe it might be some new outdoor experience instead? Like a hot air balloon drive, or rafting? There are many gift cards available for these kinds of events as well. 

3. USB power bank

Nowadays, no one is traveling without a phone and camera. Those who are continuously on the move often come across with the problem of their device running out of battery. When they desperately want to use their device, it will be without charge. Carrying a power bank is handy and makes a life lot easier. And is there a better way to recharge than using solar energy? Solar energy banks are nowadays lightweight and sustainable, so why not consider that?

4. Camping multi-tool

One of the most essential items for outdoor lovers is a multi-tool, which you can use as a knife, scissor, screwdriver, and much more. Being prepared for everything may not be possible, but a high-quality multi-tool can even be a lifesaver and save you from a headache. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool and Leatherman multi-tools are by far our favorites.

5. Outdoor cooking set or cooler

Cooking and eating is an essential part of life, especially when going outdoors. A high-quality cooking set is always needed when you stay longer outdoors. Or if your buddy just love going outdoors to the nearest park, a cooler or lunch box might be perfect for them? Choose durable materials and have a look at the reviews before making your decision and purchasing.

6. Blanket for extreme weather

The 100% waterproof and windproof hooded blanket for extreme weather is another awesome gift for the outdoor enthusiast. This kind of blanket is very soft, lightweight and fleecy. The sturdy stuff sack that is provided with the blanket enables the user to carry the blanket easily.

outdoor gift blanket

7. Outdoorsy t-shirt

Maybe your gift could just be an outdoor-themed, sustainable T-shirt? If he or she loves outdoorsy style anytime, this might be an option for him or her. If you choose a sustainable, eco-friendly option, that might even be aligned with trendy and eco-conscious lifestyle? Usually sustainable T-shirts also last longer. 

8. Camping lantern

After sunset, a camping lantern is really needed when outdoors. Choose a rechargeable option that can also be charged with solar.

9. Laptop cases and wallets

When traveling or going for a longer trip, many people want to carry their laptop with them. If you gift such a person with a laptop-case, he/she can keep the device safe and prevent scratches and damage. Of course, this may be not a case for a day-trip traveler, but in many cases, a laptop sleeve is a useful gift.

Everyone, even outdoor enthusiasts, carry wallets. Travel wallets are often useful as it may be easier to keep only needed belongings in a small and lightweight travel wallet. The travel wallets provide sufficient space to store everything safely and separately, including tickets, cards, and even a passport.

10. Water bottles and personal water filters

No outdoor lover will be without a water bottle. The disposable water bottles will be thrown in landfills and they are not the best possible option for the environment. Therefore, maybe a new water bottle would be useful?

Wherever a person goes, he requires pure drinking water and, at some places, it may not be so easy to get clean drinking water. Therefore, a personal water filter might be needed as well when on the move. It is a very compact device, which can be stuffed in the backpack and pulled out whenever needed. The personal water filter makes the water free of harmful bacteria, such as salmonella and E.coli and also destroys the waterborne parasites. It will remove micro plastics of the smallest size from the drinking water. The microbiological filter of the water filter typically provides 1000 gallons of clean drinking water. When the traveler has no access to clean drinking water, the personal water filter enables him to stay hydrated.