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5 Reasons to Start Using Sustainable Travel Mugs

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There are many reasons why you should start using sustainable mugs instead of plastic. It’s not only for environmental reasons, but it’s also good for your health and wellbeing – and in the long run, it’s also cost-efficient.

  1. Health

Drinking coffee in a plastic mug may be harmful to your health. While going out, moving around, or staying at the workplace, many people use a lot of plastic mugs. The BPA in plastic will contaminate the hot drink, so be sure to use BPA free mugs.

  1. Environment

All these years, we have been using so much plastic and paper cups, unaware of their impact on the environment. It’s not only few cups, but a massive amount of cups on annual level. When you enjoy your sip of the coffee, think about the planet you live on. A lightweight travel mug is surely an environment-friendly option compared compared to disposable mugs.

  1. Convenient

More than that, your sustainable mug usually also keeps your drink at the right temperature longer compared to disposable mugs. When the travel mug is properly insulated, it keeps your drink hot for hours. Apart from keeping your drink or coffee warm longer compared to disposable mugs, the travel mugs are often made to be spill-proof. Your dress won’t get stained due to the spilling of coffee and you don’t need to fear getting coffee stains on your new, costly shirt.

  1. Budget

The reusable coffee mugs are budget-friendly as well. Some cafes even offer hot drinks for a discounted price when you use the travel mug. Hence, the reusable travel mug is, in the long run, cheaper. When you switch over to a travel mug, it means you don’t need to buy reusable cups every day. Moreover, a sustainable travel mug will make your coffee sips more enjoyable.

  1. Travel Mugs are a Statement Piece

Eco-friendly travel mugs are very popular nowadays. In the office, at the park, in the market, or any other place where you go, you can see various travel mugs. It’s not only trendy, but also a statement piece.

To summarize, there are many benefits to using reusable travel mugs. They not only help you to protect the planet, but also enable you to save money and make a heathier choice. Have you already checked our stainless steel travel mugs?